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What Is Coaching?
Coaching is a designed alliance between the coach and the participant (you). Together, they unite to help the participant make, meet and exceed goals, achieve their dreams as well as to help the participant make major life transitions in both their personal and professional lives. 


Furthermore, to help the participant get unstuck from wherever their choices or circumstances have taken them. As well as explore dominant beliefs, identify the self-sabotaging behavior regarding their goals, challenges and desired outcomes which gives them the power to make better choices for their future growth. Improve your thinking, improve your life.

What Coaching Isn’t.
Coaching is not counseling. Coaching is not mentoring (although RLC does offer mentoring).

Getting Started.
Bert Copple and Tom Rea are both John Maxwell Team Certified coaches and they look forward to joining you on your journey through the coaching-participant relationship.


Individual Coaching sessions typically come in blocks of 12 over a 3-6 month period and usually last an hour per session. However, the sessions can be modified to fit your time and needs.


A complementary 30 minute coaching session is available (upon request) to individuals that desire to explore the power of coaching before they make the decision to begin the coaching-participant relationship.


Group coaching is also available to help your company or ministry meet their growth needs.


Mastermind Groups




Masterminds or Group Think Tanks are usually group discussions (typically 10-12 individuals), surrounded around a topic or book such as John Maxwell’s 15 Laws of Growth. 

Each Mastermind is facilitated by Real Leadership Company who believes “You must know yourself to grow yourself.” - John Maxwell. You can join a scheduled Mastermind, which lasts from 1 to 1-1/2 hours over the course of several weeks.


For companies and ministries, a Mastermind can be customized around a book or topic of discussion at a time frame that meets your company or ministry’s needs.


Click below to register for the next available Mastermind or Contact Us to discuss your company or ministry’s needs.


With over two decades of combined experience in business and ministry, think of Bert Copple and Tom Rea as your trusted advisors. Remember, You don't have to go it alone. They will be there when you need them. Their mission is simple, to keep your best interests in mind.


Through their mentorship, you can gain valuable advice and the knowledge needed to grow in your personal and professional lives. From business start-ups and low retention to church plants and the growth of your leadership team, they can help steer you in the right direction and avoid many of the pitfalls that await around every bend. Let them know how they can assist you in your Mentorship needs.


Click below to schedule your appointment and discuss your options.


Training & Education

The Real Leadership Company provides leadership development to inspiring and innovative individuals, companies and ministries. From live and virtual workshops to online videos and tutorials. Their goal is to train and equip you in your climb.


Click below to schedule your appointment and discuss your options.

Training & Education
Human Resources

Human Resources

Whether your H.R. department needs additional training or you have potential hires that you need help interviewing, Real Leadership Company offers Candidate Screening and D.I.S.C. Assessments to provide you with a greater perspective to make a better hiring choice. 


Click below to schedule your appointment and discuss your options.

Marriage & Relatonship

Marriage & Relationships

Relationships can often be difficult. Some are stuck. Today, some 39 percent of marriages in the United States are ending in divorce. But instead of bailing out of your relationship, begin fighting for it. And we can equip you with the tools to fight fair. What does leadership have to do with marriage? Everything!


Real Leadership Company believes… “Marriage is always under construction. Just don't fall asleep on the job.” - Tom Rea. Get working on your marriage by taking advantage of our marriage seminars, retreats, coaching and mentoring. We challenge men and women to stay committed to the vow they made when they said “I Do” and Lead their marriage instead following the latest statistics or trends.


Click below to be contacted about our upcoming events. Or to schedule an appointment to be coached or mentored.

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