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Pastors: Thin is in unless you're being stretched too thin.

Overload: Avoiding the need to say Yes, when you should be saying No!



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     My name is Bert Copple, and over the past twelve months, I have been developing a system to help business owners, organization leaders, and managers across all industries better coach, mentor, and train their people


     Because most companies are really bad at doing those things

     Think about it. Managers offer informal coaching every day. Nothing gets documented, and behavioral change doesn’t happen. Add to this truth a pandemic and remote working, and keeping connected to your people is even more difficult than ever. 

     What if your organization moved to formal coaching sessions, powerful mentoring meetings, and effective training – that was all managed in an easy to use app with digital signatures so everything is HR compliant? 

     And what if that app helped your leaders recognize and honor your people in ways that held great meaning, and not just cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all attempts to make them feel special? 

     What if this same app allowed your people to express their aspirations and ambitions, allowing managers to vertically align company goals with their dreams – creating a rapidly rising trajectory of achieved company goals? 

     And what if this app was more than just data on a screen? We bring John Maxwell Certified coaches to the table, offering free coaching sessions and training for your entire team – and it is all included in the price. When you combine the right app with just-in-time training, you always win. And when you win, your people win, too. 

     You can be part of the iCOACHme System Beta Partners Program. You get to use the entire system, at NO-COST, for sixty days to help us develop and polish this system before we launch it to the general public. But you need to act fast – we’re only accepting TWENTY businesses and organizations to be part of the Beta Test. 

     Are you ready to make a huge difference in your organization’s culture?  

     Let’s do this!

     I'm not just another business coach who dabbles in mentoring. I'm a successful small business owner and entrepreneur. Currently, I am the owner of one of the largest home care franchises in North America. This franchise has been named a Top Workplace by the Detroit Free Press every year since 2010, and the iCOACHme  system has been tested in this franchise and proven to work.

     Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope to meet you soon! 




          Bert Copple

The iCOACHme System is looking for twenty businesses and organizations to be part of our Beta Partners Program.

By participating, you'll receive no-cost access to the system for 60-days. You can be part of a developing platform sure to be a game-changer in how leaders interact with and manage their teams. To schedule a demo call with the company's President, Bert Copple, fill in the boxes and click SUBMIT MY INFO NOW!

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